Background of the Firm

A consulting firm established in 1983, KSPC provides professional engineering services for the legal profession, construction industry, the manufacturing community, and private individuals.  Our service areas are: Structural Engineering, Litigation and Claims, Failure Analysis, and Architectural Engineering. 

From design to project management, our participation in projects involving the renovation of older buildings, and residential and commercial construction has ensured the timely completion of project objectives.  When a client's needs concern architectural engineering -  KSPC has "hands-on" construction experience, and the diversity of our services affords an excellent opportunity for complimenting a client's engineering requirements during any phase of design or construction.

Supporting the construction industry and the manufacturing community with the analysis of structural failures, we have provided unique and cost effective approaches to failure analyses.  Utilizing the finite element method and advanced principals of mechancis, our expertise with these engineering tools ensures professional and illuminating insights into structural nonperformance.  Unfortunately, structural failures often involve both loss due to nonperformance and negligence, and we can provide any level of engineering assistance in resolving your structural failure before it becomes a matter for litigation.

Structural failures in architectural and mechanical systems often escalate into litigation when the smoke clears after the finger pointing.  The firm has assisted attorneys with litigation matters involving collapsed buildings, replacement cost analysis, and contractor performance.  Manufacturers have also benefited from our expert opinion reports often eliminating the costly trial situations.  A commitment to professionalism and acceptable standards in the industry - we have accepted the challenge.

When your next project requires an engineering consultant, KSCP is ready to accept your challenge, and our pledge to our clients is an appreciation of aesthetics and a professional commitment to public safety

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