Failure Analysis 
Failure Analysis   

Ken Sidorowicz, PC has integrated the advanced principals of mechanics, including the finite element method (FEM), into the analysis of structural failures in architectural and mechanical systems.  These state-of-the-art tools provide for illuminating insights into structural nonperformance.  Thermal shock phenomena during welding, identification of a critical stress in a  piping system or the buckling of a main structural support, we have the expertise and computational capabilities to analyze your problem.

Albeit, most structural failures do not involve non-linear,  thermo-mechanical, time dependent phenomena; the principles of mechanics, including Hooke's Law are still applicable. 

KSPC's background in structural mechanics, applied mechanics and the FEM is extensive and provides the capability to thoroughly interpret and analyze your structural failure.  Whether a client's needs concerned a collapsed building, a chair frame that buckled, a screw that broke or the failure of a mechanical component, KSPC has provided timely and cost effective results.

Results such as minimizing potential liabilities, alternative processing methods, and cost savings have been achieved through analysis of modes of failure.  Before your next structural failure becomes a liability, reduces your profit margin or becomes the proverbial "pain":  contact KSPC for an efficient and cost effective resolution to the matter.


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